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Joe Davies I am a seascape, landscape and nature photographer based near Petersfield in the Solent area of Hampshire in southern England.

A photographer for over 30 years, in the past I have worked as a wedding photographer, and illustrated magazines and a book with my work. I now photograph the exquisite vistas of southern England, and teach the techniques of long exposure seascape and landscape photography through my workshops.

I am especially fond of long exposure photography. Significantly increasing the length of the exposure calms a choppy sea giving it a silky smooth appearance, and clouds become streaked and softened, resulting in a tranquil and serene image.


Daily Mail online Top 10 UK images 2016
'Excalibur' was selected by the Daily Mail as one of the Top 10 British photos of 2016.

Meon Views 2017 Calendar
'Peek-a-boo' was the February image in the 2017 Meon Views calendar.

Flickr gallery
My online Flickr gallery images have had over 2.5 million views during the past year. [Click the image to view the gallery]

Hampshire Style July 2017 cover photo
'MillStone' is the cover photo for Hampshire Style magazine's July 2017 issue, this edition also features a four page gallery of my images.


I use mirrorless cameras, currently a full frame Sony A7R and a Sony RX10, for their small size and light weight. I find electronic viewfinders so much more convenient and are ideal for long exposure photography. The Formatt-Hitech Firecrest range are my choice of filters. Their ND filters are true to their ratings and without the colour cast so prevalent in other makes. I prefer screw-in ND filters to prevent light leaks and coupled with a magnetic fitting system by Xume, they can be attached or removed instantly.

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